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ES: We talk about how music can galvanize a social movement, like in the Civil Rights Movement with “We Shall Overcome,” or there are songs that we bring to the audiences about the Apartheid Movement in South Africa, songs of Eastern Europe during the repressive era of the 20th Century…We talk about how music bolsters people’s spirits and helps them carry on in difficult times.

In addition to that, [we talk about] things like funerals, weddings, baptisms…sacred ceremonies, and how specific music is chosen to reflect a life or a death or a season of hope.

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My dad was a pianist and an organist, my mom played piano, my grandfather was a professional musician, and all my sisters sang. I got a guitar when I was nine, and I started writing songs then. KW: How would you describe your musical partnership with Amy? I think that it’s those differences, sometimes those starkly different, that make the whole thing work. Ever since we got together in high school as friends and started playing music…She had the lower voice, and I had the higher voice.

I already had visions of doing that for the rest of my life. I played sort of “picky” guitar lines, and she was a rock and roll strummer.

If reading things about what gay men do sexually with one another bothers you - you should not read this blog. I was quite young, and I remember it was as clear as day…I was about 17 or 18.KW: What do you do when you’re not with the Indigo Girls? I just recently wrote music for a short film by a friend of mine in LA. I’ve done some co-writing with some folks from Nashville.We caught up with Emily Saliers, who describes what it’s like to be part of the most loved folk duos of all time, discusses her life outside the Indigo Girls, and offers advice to the GLBT community. Kathleen Watson: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?Emily Saliers: I think ever since I could remember being alive. But I wrote a song with my sisters when I was nine, and it was about pollution, so I guess we were sprouting activists even then. We have very different personalities, different ways of expressing ourselves, different ways of performing, different energies.

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