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He wouldn't have thought that the action could change his life and that he will finally understand the meaning of the word "love".

Right when he was beginning to fall in love with him too.But marriage to Snape is only the beginning of Harry's problems. "I'm scared about what will happen when I'm gone."In the Judgement Hall three people fight, not just two, one was forced to join, even if they didn't want it. Okay crappy summary but i don't wan't to give too much away. Ink is still having trouble opening the portal to the original timeline and gets frustrated. Sans gets stuck with a grouchy Frisk when he can't get her back home for a bit, but he's got an idea as to make her feel better. Sans belongs to Myebi on Deviantart and I got this prompt idea from Devi-Yosh.Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate. Frisk, knowing he's doing his best, takes it upon herself to cheer him up and get some ticklish payback for the other day. :)When Papyrus and Sans get into a fight, they both feel awful afterwards, and Frisk helps them realize that despite fighting, the skeleton brothers' bond is very strong. :)When Frisk comes to the Skeleton brothers house after school one day, she gets some ticklish payback from her dunkle Sans.A/N summary sucks sorry but have a look if you would like.He shouldn't have taken him in, but the cat was just curled up in the rain in a fragile state.

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