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Overview The Me SH search strategy detailed above yielded 2,611 articles.

Filtering these studies using BDI resulted in 253 articles, 198 of which matched the time period of interest. Gender-Related Invariance of the Beck Depression Inventory II for Taiwanese adolescent samples.

Summary analysis of the complete sample was preferable when multiple analyses were available (such as separate reports by gender, ethnicity, or depressed vs. The reference sections of review articles that were not retrieved in the computer search were examined to identify potential studies for inclusion. The dimensionality of the Beck Depression Inventory-II and its relevance for tailoring the psychological treatment of women with depression.

Four items of the BDI-IA that proved less sensitive for identification of typical symptoms of severe depression - weight loss, distorted body image, somatic preoccupation, and inability to work - were dropped and replaced by agitation, worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, and energy loss to assess a distinctive degree of intensity of depression. In addition, the items on appetite and sleep change were amended to evaluate the increase and decrease of these depression-related behaviors. A psychometric evaluation of the BDI-II in treatment-seeking substance abusers. Unlike the original version, the BDI-II does not reflect any particular theory of depression. Conclusions: The BDI-II is a relevant psychometric instrument, showing high reliability, capacity to discriminate between depressed and non-depressed subjects, and improved concurrent, content, and structural validity. Dolle K, Schulte-Körne G, O'Leary AM, von Hofacker N, Izat Y, Allgaier AK. Based on available psychometric evidence, the BDI-II can be viewed as a cost-effective questionnaire for measuring the severity of depression, with broad applicability for research and clinical practice worldwide. Delisle VC, Beck AT, Dobson KS, Dozois DJ, Thombs BD. The Beck Depression Inventory-II in adolescent mental health patients: Cut-off scores for detecting depression and rating severity.

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