Dating solois

In her rare spare time, Peg visits her children and granddaughters in Texas.

She also sits on the Road Scholar Board of Directors.

“She thought I was crazy.” That was Peggy Johnston’s daughter’s reaction when she learned that her mother was selling her home, putting all of her worldly possessions into storage and going on an African safari with Road Scholar.

In 2007, Peg’s beloved husband of 10 years unexpectedly died in her arms just two months after she retired.

Eight years ago, Peg became one of the millions of solo female travelers to hit the roads, seas and airways to experience the world through hands-on learning.

In fact, women today are traveling solo at an unprecedented rate. First, there are simply a lot of women over 50 – approximately 45% of the U. population is 50 , and more than half of them are women.

And if you can’t find anyone to go with you, ask Road Scholar to match you with a roommate and take the plunge!

My daughter still thinks I’m crazy to live this nomadic life, but she’s more comfortable with my decision now and she has seen that I’ve developed deep friendships that have so enhanced my life.

My advice to women interested in traveling solo is to take a look at the Road Scholar website or order the free catalog.

All programs include accommodations, transportation within the program, lectures, activities and excursions, gratuities and taxes, travel assistance and emergency medical/evacuation assistance insurance.

In addition, Road Scholar offers financial assistance to make experiential learning available and accessible to all lifelong learners, regardless of their income.

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