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Diamond cheated multiple times on Wema not only with Jokate and Penny, but also other women including but not limited to video vixens. It has been reported that it’s for this reason Diamond’s mother, Sandra, has always been fond of Wema.

When things seemed to have gotten back on course after mending fences with Wema, it didn’t take long before Diamond got back to his usual flirting self.

Adebayor went further to show off their shoes, but ofcourse one will never know who the lady is, but eagle eye bloggers did a fast one and uncoded the photo.

During this time Zari was in South Africa attending to her business empire.

Naseeb is also rumoured to have had a thing with Aunt Ezekiel, one of the most famous bongo movie actresses.

Many Tanzanian blogs have, over time, reported that the two never dated but did have several ‘one night stands’.

The couple accidentally gave themselves away today on social media. Adebayor has a young daughter while Dillish is known to have no child for now.

Dillish is in Turkey and she posted a photo reflecting that, while Adebayor popularly known as SEA posted his on Snapchat.

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