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If a sea or air transporter carries a passenger, seaman or crew member to the Macao Special Administrative Region who is refused entry, the transporter should immediately carry the person back to the first location where he or she boards a means of transport of the transport corporation.If it is not possible to carry the person back to the location, the transporter should carry him or her to the country or region where his or her travel document was issued.If the violator fails to voluntarily pay the fine in accordance with the above stipulation, the Immigration Department will send the notes of executory effect to the jurisdictional court for mandatory collection of the fine. 14/2014 'Amendments to the Provision on Overstay in the 《Regulations of the Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization》', persons who still stay in the Macao SAR but not over 30 days after the expiry of the authorization granted is fined MOP500 per overdue day from 9/7/2014.The violators are required to pay the fine immediately after they are arrested or report themselves to the police.Except for the holders of documents listed in Point 6, all other document holders mentioned above in Part V are admissible to the Macao Special Administrative Region only on the condition that their document allows them to enter or re-enter any country or region;"One-way Exit Permit" holders and individuals who possess a travel document valid only for entering or returning to the Macao Special Administrative Region and preliminarily have their permanent residence status verified or declare possession of Residence Authorization are exempted from the requirement in (2); In cases specified in (3) and (4), individuals who intend to enter the Macao Special Administrative Region are required to possess prior permit or authorization granted for the purpose of entering the SAR, but One-way Exit Permit holders are not included.】The validity of the passport or travel document and entry or re-entry permit of other countries (or regions) upon the arrival of the visitor should meet the requirement stated in Term 1, Article 9 of Law No.5/2003 (i.e.

Individuals who are not exempted from a "Visa" or "Entry Permit" will be granted Authorization to Stay for a maximum of 30 days upon arrival with a "Visa", "Entry Permit" or "Authorization to Enter and Stay".In addition, if they renew their endorsement and are granted a new endorsement during their legal stay in Macao and before the expiry date of their current endorsement, they are required to go to the Immigration Department to extend their "Authorization to Stay" accordingly.Otherwise, they will also be regarded as overstayers. An FSMD combines a controller, modeled as a finite state machine (FSM), and a dapapath.The datapath receives commands from the controller and performs operations as a result of executing those commands.

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