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After 20 minutes, observe tiny spots of salt on the dough. Lift the dough disc in between so that it doesn’t stick to the rolling board.Knead the dough well and divide it into three equal portions. Roll to the size of a palm and then stretch it by rolling into an oval shape.Stack all the semi circular puris in the plate and cover till use to retain moisture.Take a semi circular puri and wet the edges with wet finger. Add a tiny portion of the curry to the prepared cone and press it with finger to reach the tip of the cone. Press the filling with finger and add sufficient quantity. Observe the portion where the edges were sealed to make a cone---opposite to this portion make a pleat by folding the puri as shown.

After folding the remaining three samosas, switch on the flame and carefully drop the samosas in oil and fry as mentioned above.Then increase the flame to medium and fry turning in between.Fry the samosas till they get nice golden brown color.This telugu type software is also known as Englsih to Telugu converter and english to telugu translation system. Add washed potatoes to the colander and cover the pressure pan. After first whistle cook potatoes on low flame for 7 minutes.

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