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When you receive a script about a girl that is going to be the lead actress of a show and she practically has a mustache, like Ugly Betty, you're like, . After establishing yourself in the Spanish-language pop-culture realm, what is it like to be breaking through with American audiences at this point in your career? I love to be challenged, and I'm never sitting comfortable in the mediocrity chair.I was very privileged to have three offers last pilot season.

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I think whatever work is offered, it should be taken as a blessing. Of course, I don't mean you're going to be a prostitute and you're going to be doing any project they throw in your face, but if the project is decent enough, then you take it, and if you like it, even more. Do you find yourself bringing a lot of yourself to that type, or is it more of a put-on? I try to arrive nights and give my daughter a bath and put her to sleep or wake up in the morning and take her to school.You starred in two of Mexico's most famous telenovelas of all time before transitioning to the telenovela-esque Jane the Virgin.What is it about that form that really allows you to shine?What I love about the show, about the Hispanic heritage, is that it's not a caricature. Now, I would love to see Rogelio fight more with Rafael because, as a dad, you will never approve of whoever is dating your daughter. [.] I think now Rogelio will have a lot of time on his hands, and that's not good for Rogelio because he needs to fill up that time, and that's going to be a pebble in everyone's shoe.And just the fact that it's not a caricature, like because we're Latinos, we don't have to be shouting and screaming, "Tacos! To the point where Xiomara will go, "Dude, just get out of my house and get a job!

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