Lee hom wang dating

In the picture, both Jiali and Jiana have their backs turned to the camera, with Jiali reaching out for the rice dumpling in Lee Hom’s hand.The singer’s fans noticed Jiali’s little action and couldn’t help gushing over her cuteness, with some even playfully scolding the singer for snapping a picture instead of letting Jiali eat her dumpling.

The couple’s love story is a modern fairy tale, which is also the theme of their wedding.The 946-year old monastery has an iconic Romanesque architecture perfect for the wedding’s fairy-tale theme.Built in 1069, Selby Abbey is one of the biggest surviving abbey churches from the medieval period.However, the 41-year-old seems to have made an exception for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on May 30 this year.Lee Hom uploaded a quick shot of his family-of-four at home on his Facebook page yesterday.

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