Marcolin tinder dating site

For my next collection, I will and have done more thorough research into the ‘technical’ habits of today’s world and will try to draw out deeper messages and more complex ideas.Overall, I want my audience to appreciate my collections for either the surface worth through the colourful and quirky aesthetics or really stop and take a step back to understand the underlining message/s throughout.The concept itself was based around the obsessions of modern- technology.Technology has invaded every facet of our urban existence and social media platforms are consuming our generation.

I was super honoured and was really proud of myself and it was nice to be acknowledged for the work I have done/am doing and that it was received well even though the design itself is pretty out there. I have never had my designs presented in such a public way, so it was really interesting to see the crowd’s reaction and gage what the public finds exciting and what interests them when it comes to fashion.

The submitted look explores the relationship between our generation and the social media platform, Tinder.

The jacket explores the disconnect in relationships and the idea that ‘love’ is sold to us and is ultimately ‘made by society’.

I love to mock fashion in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way yet still pay homage to my concepts and ideas through really thought-provoking garments.

For my latest collection, I did a bit more primary research by simply observing what my generation is obsessed with, understanding the obsessions and transforming those ideas into concepts and stories to create the collection.

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