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According to Vid Stats X, it has been dropping dramatically every day since the beginning of the year, when the channel shifted to posting, essentially, reruns.

If you’re a Daily Grace fan, there’s nothing on the You Tube channel to indicate where you might find new Helbig content; however, over the past several days, Helbig’s new channel has been the focal point of a rallying cry.

It’s never easy to start over, on the internet or in life, but that’s just what Grace Helbig is doing right now.

The online video star, who won the heart of the internet largely with her You Tube channel Daily Grace, has split with You Tube network My Damn Channel.

After the intro plays, the two hosts would introduce themselves to a studio audience and explain a possible situation, with the following sketch having a similar situation.

On April 24, 2012, during an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, President Barack Obama told the story of how he had watched the Key & Peele sketch on himself with 'Luther, his Anger Translator,' saying that "It's pretty good stuff – It's good stuff." Vandaveon and Mike analyze an episode, and suggest that low brow humor would make it funnier.These videos were also added to On Demand offerings of Key & Peele episodes.On March 12, 2014, Comedy Central announced the network was developing an animated spinoff starring Vandaveon and Mike as 12-year-old hall monitors, in association with Key and Peele.Last week we counted down the Top 10 You Tube Comedians so if there's a vlogger you don't see who you think is especially funny there's a good chance he/she ended up on our last week instead.For our ranking, while views and subscriber numbers were a major factor we took into consideration votes from our users, personal preference and general impact on the You Tube community.

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