Omegle andhra pradesh

In the sixth century BCE, Assaka was one of the sixteen mahajanapadas.It was succeeded by the Satavahana dynasty (230 BCE-220 CE), who built the city of Amaravati.Between 11 the Kakatiya dynasty emerged, bringing the Telugu region under unified rule.During this period, the Telugu language emerged as a literary medium with the writings of Nannayya.

During the fourth century, the Pallava dynasty extended their rule from southern Andhra Pradesh to Tamilakam and established their capital at Kanchipuram.

Their power increased during the reigns of Mahendravarman I (571–630) and Narasimhavarman I (630–668).

The Pallavas dominated the southern Telugu-speaking region and northern Tamilakam until the end of the ninth century.

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