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A person who has been convicted of an offense other than a capital felony may be sentenced to pay a fine in addition to any punishment described in s.

The Legislature further finds that priority should be given to the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of career criminals in the use of law enforcement resources and to the incarceration of career criminals in the use of available prison space.

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Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the punishment for a separate offense under this subsection is the same as the punishment provided under this code or other statute for that conduct had the injury or death occurred to the mother of the unborn child.142.01, except that the clerk shall remit fines imposed when adjudication is withheld to the Department of Revenue for deposit in the General Revenue Fund.

Older Dating is launched to getting up to speed with online dating for seniors and older personals.

There is no one out there who should be telling you what to do or who to be with…(Read More) Dating Advice for the Over-60s Adults We have seen a lot of senior sites that allow people in their 50’s to start dating other people they find online, but there is actually a large number of people who are a decade older and are also looking to find someone that they can date and share experiences with.

Plenty of those sites are offering dating for people between the ages of 18 and 40, but there used to be no sites that offered this kind of options for people on their 50’s and 60’s or even older.

Now there are many options online that will allow you to make the most out your senior years and older dating online…(Read More) Does Free Dating Really Work for Older People?

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During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), the familiar underglazed blue-and-white patterns many people associate with fine "china" were developed, while detailed decorative painting over glaze also became a common technique.

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Older Dating Online - Forget Your Age to be Young There are many websites out there that offer dating services for younger people.

The Nes Group is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers designing and distributing internationally, watches and jewelry in the Fine, Bridge, and Fashion markets.

Our watch division holds over 20 brand name licenses and is one of the largest private label watch suppliers.

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