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SF: I gave the readers the freedom to channel my father’s words in their [own] way.

Bill Duke was our first guest, and he dove right into my father’s spirit.

I wound through every reel meticulously, especially the unseen footage that he shot with his Bell and Howell crank camera during WWII.

I immediately had it digitised so it could be included in this biographical documentary. I was faced with making a selection of which images were going to accompany the narrative.

After all, I made this film as a celebration, so it was important to make this as enjoyable as possible.

There was an additional amount of 16mm reels that I found in my father’s office long after his death.Over the years, I heard him telling his war stories, talking about his fellow dogfaces and what they had lived through together.I never doubted the reality of any of it, but to see those images definitely strengthened its authenticity.I adored his lively performance and could feel my father smiling all the way through.I’m also sure that my father would have gotten a kick out of Wim Wenders and Bobby Carradine enjoying a good stogie in the shack.

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