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One of the original cast members, Daniel Snoeks, whose hands and much of his body were tattooed, and his appearance on the show, was said to contribute to "the cause" of tattoo artists in South Korea, where injecting ink into the skin can only be done legally by qualified doctors, despite the "growing fashion trend." Snoeks said people encountering him on the subway used to move away and comment that his tattoos were "disgusting" or "scary" and after he appeared on the show, people wanted to take pictures with him.In September, KOCCA said the show "runs a fierce debate on Korean culture" and "their speeches frequently become a hot issue among young viewers, sometimes for being too radical and sometimes too conservative.Lim said, "The cast of foreign people was because, although Korea is reinforcing its position on the global stage right now, it still is just one country among many others.And I thought perceiving the problems of Koreans who are in their 20s and 30s, in a universal perspective, was necessary." Along with 7 new and 2 returning representatives, a reorganization of the show (ep.

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Russia's Belyakov, the visiting intern on Episode 20, studied at Yonsei University, and works as a medical translator.On July 7, 2015, a Korea Herald reviewer of the show's first airing of six new cast members, complimented them for having a serious political debate on issues like the Greek financial crisis, Sino-Norwegian relations and the history of Japanese nationalism; saying they demonstrated "a seasoned maturity and the potential for a significant impact beyond simple entertainment." On November 17, 2017, as the show prepared to go on hiatus after Episode 177, Korea Joong Ang Daily reporter Hong You-kyoung said, "The show’s ratings have remained steady, at about 3 percent, which is relatively high for a program on a cable channel".Enes Kaya and Julian Quintart on JTBC's Hidden Singer, Tyler Rasch was a surprise guest on "Arguments," another JTBC talk show about current affairs, and Sam Okyere and Enes Kaya were on the Happy Together "Hot People Special." On November 13, 2014, Takuya Terada, Enes Kaya, Julian Quintart and show host Jun Hyun-moo all appeared as MCs and award presenters on the Mel On Music Awards at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.After Episode 105, three additional visiting intern/representatives were added as recurring cast, Christian Burgos (Mexico), (video producer), previously on Episode 68 and newer interns, Ogi Hitoshi (Japan), (Keio University graduate, animation company emoticon designer), and Wang Xinlin (China), (Dalian Jiaotong University electrical engineering graduate, Seoul National University mechanical engineering doctoral student).On July 22, 2016, Mondi responded about the cast changes and he and Patry being the two selected to stay, "There were so many other members who speak better Korean than us...there were other members who were funnier." About the changed atmosphere, he said, "Since different people are on, a new kind of Non-Summit may appear."On September 2015, the show announced that the episode 65, September 28 Chuseok Special would be the first outdoor filming for the show, to take place in a traditional hanok house in Gyeonggi-do with the cast dressed in holiday hanbok and celebrating with traditional games and foods of the world.

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