Zoids capitulo 33 online dating

Kotona's friend Garaga has been harassing her, so she asks Ruuji to pretend to be her fiance in order to discourage him.

Garaga challenges Ruuji to a Zoid battle to win Kotona's love.

Ruuji begs Seijuurou to teach him to become stronger, and he agrees to travel together with them.

The show spanned 50 episodes and originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 2005 to March 2006, and is set to premiere in English on Viz Media's online Toonami Jetstream service at an unknown date.

Note: The final episode does not have an ending theme.

Ruuji fights against Garaga's Deadly Kong, but Ra Kan interrupts the battle.

Garaga is revealed to be the leader of an anti-Digald guerrilla force.

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